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Canyon Del Rio

Valencia County, NM

Belen, New Mexico

South of Albuquerque about 30 miles on Hwy 47 just east of Belen. Lots are 1/2 acre & larger & fairly low priced. Great property for RV owners. Very close to a new casino on the reservation. Area is very picturesque with a wonderful summer climate.

1608106 RV Owner's Look!  Homesite lot 12, blk. 17, Unit 7 will park up to three RV's per acre!  This is a whole Cul-De-Sac, plenty of room for a big gathering! Asking only $3000 per acre or $12,500 for all five acres total.


1708013 Lovely Southwestern Retreat!  Homesite lot 46 Unit 9 block 40 is excellent as an RV camp or for building.  Owner asking $4000.

1708034 Great RV Site!  Lots 1 & 2 of unit 5, blk 3 are available for $5500 each.  A great location for your Winter RV rendezvous With friends.  Near Belen for shopping and casinos at the Reservation.

1710025 Wonderful Southwest Retreat! Near town for all neccessities. Homesite lot 15 unit 1 block 24 can be used now for RV camping while making improvements for home. Owner asking ONLY $3900.


1801065 A Lovely Location! Enjoy spectacular mountain views, homesite lot 1 unit 3 block 23 is for sale by owner for only $4000. 


1802004 Quarter Acre, Lovely Mountain Locale! Owner is asking only $2100 for homesite lot 15 unit 9 block 32

1803031 Motorhome Owners Look!  Homesite lot # 8, blk. 28 and lot # 35 , blk. 35 are in Unit 9  for only $3500 Each! Go into partenership with fellow club members and split the expenses into 3rds! Each lot will park up to 3 motohomes! Call Now!

1804061 Here!  Lot 10 in block 36 of unit 4 is perfect for RV parking.  Natural beauty surrounds this level property and it's a short drive to entertainment.  Owner asking reduced price of only $3200. 

1804097 Your Choice of Excellent Sites! Homesite lot 22 unit 3 block 24 (larger than most) is for sale by owner for $8000. Also available is smaller, but equally lovely homesite lot 11 unit 6 block 8 for $6800.


Deming Ranchettes

Luna County, NM

Deming, New Mexico

At the base of the Florida (Flo-Ree-Da) Mountains on interstate 10 at Deming the county seat. There are no utilities, however it is a favorite spot for RV owners to spend the winter. Lots are inexpensive and provide a winter refuge. Wells can be dug and the water is cold, pure and delightful. Visit for information on the internet for the area or try this site.



1708014 Five Half Acre Lots! Homesite lots 17, 18, 19, 20 & 21 unit 32 block 4 are contiguous. Owner wants to sell at $2500 each. 

1708030 Four Adjoining Parcels! Total of two acres, homesite lots 1,2,3 & 4 unit 30 block 20 are for sale by owner for $24,400 buys all four

1708054 Lovely Adjoining Homesites!  Half acre lots 19 & 20 unit 69 block 24 are for sale by owner for only $3500 each.  RV's are welcome

1709018 Adjoining Properties! Half acre homesite lots 9 & 10 unit 23 block 13 are for sale by owner at only $3700 each. An excellent RV retreat.

1709029 Lovely Adjoining Homesite Lots. Owner is asking $3300 each for lots 9 & 10 unit 15 block 1

1709033 Amazing, Lovely Retreat! Retire or Vacation on your own little paradise. Adjoining homesite lots 14 (corner) & 15 unit 17 Block 12 are for sale by owner for only $3000 buys both. RV welcomed.

1709051 Lovely Half Acre!  Located only 15 miles southwest of county seat Deming and very near Mexico Border.  Owner is selling homesite lot 20 unit 37 block 8 for $3400

1709057 Three Adjoining Homesites! Lots 15, 16 & 17 unit 90 block 9 are each 1/2 acre. Owner asking $3300 each or $10,200 buys all. 

1709071 Adjoining Homesites! Lots 29 & 30 unit 17 block 4 are for sale by owner at $5000 buys both

1709087 Lovely High Desert Property! Half Acre, adjoining homesite lots 22 and 23 unit 100 block 6 and adjoining lots 25 and 26 unit 104 block 4 are for sale by owner for only $2500 each.

1710009 High Desert Location! Near town of Deming, homesite lot 19 unit 98 block 8 is for sale by owner for $4000 a half acre lot

1710041 Two Excellent Properties! Homesite lot 24 unit 1 block 3 and lot 31 unit 25 block 2 are each 1/2 acre and for sale by owner for only $3200 each

1710065 Four Adjoining Homesites!  Half acre lots 7, 8, 9 & 10 of unit 71 block 15 are on a paved road.  Don't miss out on these very nice lots, electric in the area. Perfect as is for RV'ers.  Owner asking only $2500 each.

1710067 Check Out These Great Parcels!!  Homesite lots 8 & 9, blk. 24, of unit113 are ready for immediate purchase to build your dream home!  Asking only $2500 each! What a BARGAIN! Call Today!

1710091 Half Acre Homesite! Plenty of room for a retirement or vacation home. Homesite lots 9 & 10 unit 30 block 22 is for sale by owner for $3000 each

1711031 Total of Two Acres! Adjoining lots 19, 20, 21 and 22 unit 11 block 12 are for sale by owner at $98,800 for all

1711056 Two Lovely Properties! Homesite lots 7 & 8 unit 99 block 32 are being sold by owner for only $5200. One acre total

1711064 Pretty Parcel!  Homesite lot 31 in unit 2 block 8 is 1/2 acre and for sale at only $9800.  Great, scenic location for an RV escape from the hustle & bustle of the city.  Wonderful winter weather.

1712004 Bargain Deal on Four Adjoining Lots!  Half acre homesite lots 40, 41, 42 & 43 unit 83 block 14 are for sale by owner for ONLY $10,000 buys all.  Hurry!


1801039 Your Choice of Several Excellent Homesites! Adjoining homesite lots 34, 35, 36 & 37 unit 96 block 4 or lots 7 and 36 unit 46 block 4. All for sale by owners at only $3400 each.. 


1801043 Adjoining Half acre Lots! Homesite lots 6 & 7 unit 30 block 20 are for sale by owner for $3000 each. Buy together or separately.


1801044 Total One Acre. Homesite lots 10 & 11 unit 38 block 1 are for sale by owner for only $3100 each. An excellent winter RV retreat .



1801075 RV'ers and Rockhounds LOOK! Excellent vacation property, lot 20 unit 18 block 13 is for sale by owner for $3500 neg. Many fossils and gem stones in the area. 

1801120 Lovely High Desert Location! Near County seat of Deming,  ower is selling lots 25 and 26 unit 72 block 5 for $1400 each or $2500 each


1801124 Wonderful Southwest Retreat. Near border of Mexico and Albuquerque. Owner is asking $3500 neg. each on homesite lots 26 & 27 unit 125 block 22 both are half acre lots. 

1802074 Six Parcels. Your choice of homesite lots 21, 22, 23 & 24 unit 112 block 19  or lot 32 unit 112 block 3 or lot 13 unit 90 block 1 all half acre sites for sale by owner for $3000 each. 

1803023 Adjoing Homesites. Lots 33 & 34 unit 99 block 24 are for sale by owner $3500. Unbelievable low tax rate.

1803038 Lovely Half Acre Sites! Adjoining homesites 12 & 13 unit 122 block 3 have a panoramic view of the Florida (Flo Ree Da) Mountains. Owner is asking $2400 each lot. 

1803066 Adjoining Half Acre Lots.  Homesite lots 19 & 20 unit 53 block 3 are for sale by owner for only $3200 each. 

1803067 For Sale By Owner Cheap!  Homesite lots 1 & 2 unit 53 block 3 are each 1/2 acre. Owner asking only $3200 each. 

1803079 Unique Opportunity Here! Owner of homesite lot 9 unit 77 block 3 a half acre property, wants to trade for a timeshare in Marble Falls, TX in the Johnson Lake area or in the Central Texas area. Will consider taking over payments on a timeshare.  Don't miss this wonderful and rare opportunity.

1803084 Side by Side. Equaling one acre, homesite lots 32 & 33 unit 117 block 13 is for sale by owner for $3500 each

1804030 Three Adjoining Half Acre Parcels. Homesite lots 5, 6 & 7 unit 14 block 6 are all for sale by owner for $3100 each. A lovely, rural area good for RV's or build if you choose.

1804064 Perfect RV Retreat! Half acre homesite lots 28, 29, 30 & 31 unit 53 block 9 are for sale by owner for $3000 each.

1805053 Adjoining Half Acre Sites! Lovely rural homesite lots 7 & 8 unit 18 block 24 are for sale by owner for $2500 each. Only ten miles from county seat.

1805055 FOUR LOTS!!  Homesite lots 12, 13, 31 & 32, are in blk. 18, section 99. All in the same area, owner selling all 4 at only $11,800 buys all!! Great place for your winter Motorhome travels! Plenty of room for friends, too! Call!!

1805074 Adjoining Homesites! Total one acre, homesite lots 8 and 9 unit 49 block 15 are for sale by owner at only $3000 each. Lovely southwestern location. 

1805094 Four Half Acre Lots! Owner is asking only $2800 each for lots 13,14,15 & 16 unit 115 block 4. Lovely high desert location in the Florida Mountain foothills, near county seat of Deming. 

1806017 Wonderful Southwest Location. Homesite lot 21 unit 85 block 8 is for sale by owner for only $3000. This is a rockhound paradise, with many semi-precious stones and fossils. 

1806031 Lovely Location! Homesite lots 39 & 40 Unit 111 Block 23 are each 1/2 acre and for sale by owner for $3000 each. Good retirement or vacation property. 

1807020 Two Lots!  Adjoining lots 2 & 3 unit 111 block 9 are each 1/2 acre.  Suitable for RV camp as is.  Owner asking only $5800 buys both .

Fence Lake Ranches

Cibola County New Mexico

Gallup, NM
Off US Hwy 36, lovely rolling hill country. A hunter's paradise with abundant trophy Elk and 
Mule Deer and other wildlife. Many pine and pinion trees. Excellent country for horse ranch.

Nothing available at this time
Cibola County New Mexico
Las Trujillos, Grants, NM
Part of Valencia County until 1981. A lovely high desert location and borders Apache County , AZ 
to the west in the Four Corners Area of Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico and Utah. Northwest New 
Mexico is one of Americas most fascinating areas. Grants is a community of 9000 people from many 
cultures and backgrounds. The climate is mild year round, typical of the high desert. 1 hour west of 
Albuquerque on I-40. The area offers low property taxes, inexpensive housing, the convenience of a 
nearby large city, and an abundance of open space.

Nothing available at this time
Pine Meadows Ranch

Cibola County, NM

Ramah, New Mexico

125 miles west of Albuquerque on Hwy 53 and 50 miles southwest of Grants off hwy I-25. Bordered by the Ramah Navajo Reservation. 

 Mostly undeveloped, but has reliable roads maintained by the new POA. A few year 

round homes and RV park within ten miles. A Beautiful and growing mountain location. Point of interest at the El Morro National Monument, documenting one of Coronado’s 

stops in his exploration of America.


1708043 Just Under Five Acres!  Corner homesite lot 111 unit 2 block 5 is for sale by owner for ONLY $10,400.  A great buy for this lovely 4.59 acre parcel. 


1801058 Just Over Five Acres. Lovely, homesite lot 180 in unit 3 a corner property on good road, is for sale by owner for $12,500.


1803043 Nearly Six Acres. Homesite lot 27 unit 1 is an excellent retirement or vacation property and for sale by owner for only $9900 neg. 

1807008 Great Hunting Site! Nice 1 3/4 acres of mature Pinion Trees. Can subdivide total of 5.1 acres. Owner asking $18,000

Rancho Lake Conchas

San Miguel County, NM

Las Vegas, New Mexico

Fifty miles from Las Vegas, NM in the northeast of state on hwy 104, just off I-40. Fifty miles from Tucumari and Santa Rosa. 

Absolutely perfect for RV’s. Some lots have electric. The average parcel

is five acres


Nothing available at this time
Rancho Rio Grande

Sandoval County, New Mexico

Albuquerque, NM

About ten miles north and east of Albuquerque. A Rio Communities development already one quarter owned by the  Intel Corp. 

They have invested by placing several hundred individual in jobs. Speculation is GOOD, many new homes

in the area. 

Growth is RAPID!


1612051 Room for the Whole Family!!  Homesite lot 235, blk. 232, of section 7E is a 5 acre lot!! Electricity is available!  Asking only $5400!!  Must See this one!! Call Now!


Rancho Rio Grande

Valencia County, New Mexico

Belen, NM

South of Albuquerque about 30 miles. Lots are 1/2 acre & larger & fairly low priced. Great property for RV owners. Area is very 

picturesque with great summer weather.


1709016 Beautiful Rural Parcel!  Homesite lot 334 unit 9E is for sale by owner for $10,900.  Five acres to landscape or use for a hobby farm.


1712035 Five Acres!  Lovely homesite lot 406 unit 2 is for sale by owner for $18,000. Nice little hobby farm.


1801009 Five Acres! Lovely little hobby farm. Homesite lot 124 unit 15E has Electric available. Owner asking $11,500

1801092 Look!!  Recently Reduced Price! Homesite lot 250 Unit 8 East is a beautiful 5 acre parcel with electric available! You have plenty of room for a couple of horses and a nice home here! Asking $3900, Call Today!


1806059 Large Homesite! Lot 161 Unit 15E is 2.5 acres and for sale by owner at $6000, only three lots in from highway I-25. Electric available, any reasonable offer will be considered.



Rancho Rio Grande West

Valencia County, New Mexico

Belen, NM

South of Albuquerque about 30 miles. Lots are 1/2 acre & larger & fairly low priced. Great property for RV owners. Area is very picturesque with great summer weather.

nothing available at this time




Rio Del Oro

Valencia County, NM

Belen, New Mexico

Only 35 miles south of Albuquerque on I-25. Many new homes being built near the college and in unit 3. Most properties are undeveloped and suitable for RV



1608105 SAVE MONEY! Side by side homesite lots 8 & 9 unit 31 block 18 are near the highway, Belen and the casino at reservation. RV's OK. Owner asking only $2800 neg. each or $4900 for the pair.

1611042 Excellent Retreat!  Lovely 1/2 acre lot 15 in unit 24 block 50 is for sale by owner for only $3300. Scenic mountain views.  Great RV retreat, near shopping and entertainment.

1708002 Lovely Homesite!  one quarter acre lot 023 of unit 17, blk 62 can be yours for $2000.  A large and lovely homesite for your retirement or use now as an RV retreat.  Enjoy picture perfect weather year round. 
1708016 Lovely High Desert Location. Excellent Monzano Mnts view. Homesite lot 15 unit 8 block 4 is for sale by owner at $2800 

1708038 Lovely View of Monzano Mnts. Homesite lot 16 unit 13 block 16 and lot 2 unit 13 block 68 are for sale by owner for $3200 each. Very near town of Belen.

1708056 Triple Delight! Three Adjoining homesite lots 11, 12 & 13 (corner) in unit 18 block 36 each for sale by owner for $3000 each

1709007 Rural High Desert, Mountain Views! Homesite lot 10 unit 16 block 11 is for sale by owner at only $2900. 

1708039 Lovely Monzano Mnt. View! Homesite lot 16 unit 11 block 15 is for sale by owner at only $3200

1710008 Four Lots!  All adjoining 1/4 acre parcels, owner is selling lots 1, 2 3 7 4 of unit 30 block 39 for only $13,600 buys all.  A great investment potential.  Only a few miles from Belen or Albuquerque. New Casino nearby at the reservation.

1710099 Extremely Lovely!  Homesite lot 12 Unit 55 block 13 is 1/4 acre for sale by owner for ONLY $3400

1711009 Choice of Three Lovely Sites!  Adjoining homesite lots 33 & 34 unit 61 block 59 and nearby lot 36 unit 50 block 14 all 1/4 acre.  Owner asking $3500 each

1711026 Lovely, High Desert Property! Near town of Belen, homesite lot 2 unit 2 block 49 is for sale by owner for $3400 

1711048 Beautiful Territory!  Excellent RV vacation site, lots 6 and 7 of unit 16 block 31 is 1/4 acre (room for several units).  Owner is selling for $11,800 each. 

1711054 Total Half Acre!  Side by side lots 29 & 30 of unit 49 block 34 are each 1/4 acre.  Owner prefers to sell together but will separate at $3500 each.  A marvelous location next to the College, that provides the RV'er with abundant unspoiled nature

1711057 RV SITE FOR SALE!! Corner Lot 16, block 9, in unit 2. A wonderful camp retreat near Belen! Owner asking only $8800!! Better Hurry!

1711074 Next to the College. Homesite lots 4 & 5 unit 62 block 24 are for sale by owner for only $6500 each

1712001 Excellent Choice!  Quarter acre homesite/RV lot 10 of unit 42 block 60 is for sale by owner at $3500.  A fine location for retreat, great weather, beautiful surroundings, rural privacy and near shopping & entertainment.
1801036 Pristine Vacation Retreat!  Just off main road, lovely lot 51 of unit 5 block 32 is 1/4 acre with view of beautiful Monzano Mnt Rng.  Propety is useful as is for an RV retreat with plenty of room to invite fellow RV'ers for a rendezvous.  Owner is asking $4,000.
1801121 Four Lovely Lots!  Your choice, homesite/RV lot 16 of unit 12, block 18, lot 10 of unit 12, block 2, lot 12 of unit 60, block 22 or lot 10 of unit 48, block 51.  Any or all for only $3000 each.  A great retreat location for quiet, private haven

1801131 Your Choice! Any or All!  Adjoining homesites lots 4, 5 & 6 unit 38 block 45 askimg $2750 each and/or lot 12 unit 3 block 16 asking $2950
1803098 Three Parcels!  Lots 4, 5 & 6 of unit 12 block 78 are each 1/4 acre and connecting.  Owner prefers to sell all together but will consider selling separately at $3200 each.  A lovely location for an RV vacation with club or family members. 
1804029 Lovely View of Monzano Mnts. Homesite lot 13 unit 60 block 32 is affordablly priced at only $1500. Very near city of Belen. 
1804052 Lovely High Desert Location! In the Monzano Mnt. Foothills lovely homesite lot 17 unit 44 block 21 is for sale by owner for $4000, along with this are homesite lots 24 unit U block 1343 and lot 34 unit E block 803 at Rio Grande Estates. Owner asking $4000 each or $10,800 buys all.

1804053 Lovely Location Near City of Belen! Homesite lot 23 unit 8 block 25 is for sale by owner for only $2200.
1805013 Pretty Parcel!  Homesite lot 16 of unit 42 block 93 is 1/4 acre and for sale by owner for only $2200. 
 A great location in the Monzano Mountain foothills, gently rolling high plains with wonderful land formations.  A wonderful for an RV encampment. 
1805058 Adjoining Sites!  Homesite lots 32 & 33 unit 43 block 39 are each 1/4 acre.  Owner is asking $34,200 buys both
1805068 Natural Beauty!  Every where you turn, half acre lot 68 of unit 4 block 1 is offered by owner for only $3500.  A perfect RV get away, near shopping and many recreational - entertainment resources. 
1806002 Four Lovely RV Lots!  Lots 5 & 6 of unit 55 block 4 and lots 1 & 2 unit 33 block 6 are for sale by owner at $2800 each.  A lovely retreat conveniently near shopping and entertainment.  Many have. already discovered this area for their RV Winter retreats,

1806016 Quiet Rural Retreat! Near all conveniences. Homesite lot 39 unit 8 block 8 is for sale by owner at only $3000. 
1806055 Your Choice! Any or all homesite lots 36 & 37 unit 5 block 41 or homesite lot 12 unit 35 block 1. All being sold by owner for $3100 each.
1806067 Three Lots!  Your choice of side by side lots 31 & 32 of unit 43 block 25 or lot 6 in unit 11 block 63.  All are one quarter acre parcels for sale by owner $15,800 buys all.  Excellent RV sites as they are.
1807021 Lovely Location, Many Improvements! Homesite lot 16 unit 14 block 41 is near the main road, also lovely homesite lot 25 unit 49 block 6. Owner asking $7400  
1807023 Commercial Lot!  In an area of excellent growth potential owner is selling commercially zoned lot 4 of unit 14 block 33 for $10,500.  Near Belen, the reservation, a college and an excellent tourist location.

Rio Grande Estates

Socorro County, New Mexico

Socorro, NM

Near the beautiful Cibola National Forest. A mixture of rural pleasure with Spanish Missions, Flying Saucers and many other attractions and recreations to enjoy.



1801093 Excellent Choice!  Recently Reduced Price on wonderful scenic location.  Homesite lot 1 unit 5 block 208 is one acre.  For Sale By Owner for $3800.  Excellent Winter Retreat.

1804065 One Acre! Homesite lot 20 unit 2 block 96 if for sale by owner for only $15,000. A wonderful southwest retreat.



Rio Grande Estates

Valencia County, NM

Belen, New Mexico

Just 35 miles south of Albuquerque on interstate 25. At the base of the Monzano Mountains. A new gambling casino only twenty miles away on the reservation. You must pass through Rio Grande Estates to get there.

RV’ers absolutely love  "Th

e Estates”.



1705032 Excellent Location! Many improvements in the area. Owner is asking $4000 for homesite lot 22 unit 22 block 483. 

1705047 Excellent Vacation or Retirement Property. Near Belen, homesite lot 12 unit 15 block 337 ONE Acre lot is for sale by owner for only $3000. Excellent RV site. 


1707019 Two Adjoining Parcels! Side by side homesite lots 6 & 7 unit U block 1348 are for sale $4000 per lot. 

1708006 Lovely Half Acre Parcel!  For sale by owner lot 6 unit F block 861 for ONLY $3800.

1708018 Two Lots !!  Great Prices!  Homesite lot 2, sec.O, blk.1253, and lot 2, sec.O , blk. 1273 , are only $4000 Each!   Close to the casino with other activites for all ages! Must See These! Call Now!

1708027 Your Choice! Homesite lot 44 unit C block 757 or homesite lot 23 unit C block 753. Either or both for only $3200 each.

1708046 Very Affordable! Lovely, High Desert, Homesite lot 19 unit O block 1262 a golfcourse lot for sale by owner for only $3500

1708051 Excellent Commercial Property! Near town and just across the main throughofare, lot 28 unit U block 1328 is for sale by owner for $5500. 

1708068 Southwestern Beauty!  A growing area, great for retirement, Winter retreats or investment.  Parcel 4, Unit U, Block 1371 is 1/2 acre.  Use now for RV rendezvous With your friends.  With improvement, build your Dream retirement place.  Owner asking $2800!

1708077 Large Homesite. One acre lot 23 unit O block 1251 near the golfcourse is for sale by owner for $3000. Excellent winter vacation or retirement property.

1708093 Very Nice! Homesite lot 43 of unit U block 1371 is 1/2 acre for sale by owner at only $4200.  Nice building site with your improvements, utilities available, or use as is for your RV base camp.

1709034 Adjoining Parcels. Lovely Monzano Mnt. view, homesite lots 14 & 21 unit 21 block 470 are for sale by owner at only $3000 each.

1709056 Near Belen! Lovely homesite lot 53 unit E block 819 is 1/2 acre for sale by owner for $5800. Growing and improving quickly!

1711019 Pretty Adjoining Properties!  Homesite lots 28 & 29 unit S block 1206 and lots 38 & 39 unit L block 1081 are each 1/2 acre.  Owner asking $25,800 buys all.

1711065 Two One Acre Parcels. Adjoining homesite lots 17 & 18 unit 7 block 153 are for sale at $10,800 buys both.


1801041 For Sale By Owner! Lovely, homesite lot 35 unit E block 823 near the golfcourse for $3500. Great mountain vistas.


1801076 Country Living!  Homesite lot 47, block 3 unit 27 s near town. Perfect as is for an RV retreat.  You can park up to three units on this half acre lot.  Owner asking $2400. 


1801091 Lovely Location! Recently Reduced Price. Half acre lot 7 unit U block 1374 is for sale by owner for only $2800.  Excellent Winter RV Retreat



1801126 Half Acre!  Homesite lot 18 block 1042 Unit J is perfect as is for an RV retreat.  At least three units could be parked here.  Owner is asking only $3500 or best offer and is willing to finance for 24 months. 

1802026 Wonderful Vacation or Retirement Retreat. Next to Belen (county seat) homesite lot 15 unit L block 1087 is for sale by owner for ONLY $3200. 

1802043 Very Affordable Rural Retreat! Homesite lot 21 unit 21 block 465  is for sale by owner at $2800. Call Today. 

1803002 Excellent RV Parcels!  Half acre lots 11 & 12 of unit B block 724 are for sale by owner for only $3800 neg. each.  A scenic, level spot with room for several RV's. Don't miss out! Adjoining parcels totaling one acre.

1803034 Park Three!  RV lot 26 in block 1103 of unit P is a 1/2 acre lot that will park up to three units with comfort. Just off the main road. Very near town for supplies and the Reservations Casino.  Pleasant surroundings.  Owner asking $3700.

1804011 Excellent Location! Many improvements in the area. Owner is asking $3900 for homesite lot 22 unit 22 block 483. 

1804051 Your Choice! Homesite lot 24 unit U block 1343 or Lot 34 unit E block 803, either one or both for sale by owner at $4000 each. Also available is Rio Del Oro lot 17 unit 44 block 21 for $4000. Owner will sell them in package deal of $10,800.

1804090 One Acre. Homesite lot 51 unit B block 712 is for sale by owner for $5300. Lovely High Desert with mountain view. 


1805009 Excellent Choices. Any or all, adjoining homesite lots 17 & 18 unit 3 block 54 or lovely lot 29 unit 3 block 70. Owner is asking only $4000 each. 

1805022 Excellent Choice!  Lovely homesite lot 16 unit 9 block 211 is one acre for sale by owner for $14,000.  Near town of Belen.

1805028 Lovely Half Acre!  Homesite or RV lot 40 of unit V block 1395 is for sale by owner for $5000.  A great location that provides rural tranquility but is near the city (Belen) for shopping and entertainment.  A very nice casino is also nearby at the reservation

1807020 Adjoining Homesites! Lots 23 & 24 unit G block 894 are for sale by owner at $24,800 BUYS BOTH. Near the main road and golfcourse, with pretty view of Monzano Mnts. 


Rio Rancho Estates

Sandoval County, New Mexico

Albuquerque, NM

Located atop West Mesa, overlooking Albuquerque. Pueblo Indians came for the rich soil and plentiful hunting along the Rio Grande River. Gold lured the Spanish Conquistadors to the area. Today, beautiful vistas and a great place to live bring people here. A central location to many of the area attractions. Near the cultural and historical sites. All the while, the city holds its own attractions with many annual events, an antiquecar museum and a championship golf course.



1712029 One Acre! Homesite lot 8 in unit 7,is only $6000! A rapidly growing Location! This is a great place to retire! Call Now!



1804028 Three Properties For Sale by Owner! Parcel 0028807 and adjoining Parcels 0107619 & 0107620 are for sale at $16,000 each

1806074 Side by Side. Lovely homesite lots 18 & 19 unit 25 block 70 are for sale by owner for $8800 buys the pair.


 1807012 Nice Homesite! Lot 7 unit 22 block 84 is .60 acre big. Owner asking $7500



Sunshine Valley Ranchettes

Luna County, NM

Deming, New Mexico

Located 13 miles east and 9 miles south of Deming (county seat) on the eastern slopes of the Florida (Flo Ree Da) Mountains. Take the Akela exit off the I-10, head south and then east on Highway 549. Franklin is marked and south 5 miles to Coyote, here the road heads east. After about a mile, the road heads south again. After about another 6 miles there is a sign that says Palo Alto, and there you go east again for a short distance. The road is still paved as you head south again to Sunshine Valley Ranchettes. There are currently over 4000 permanent residences in Deming & Sunshine Valley Ranchettes. Many are year round with some as second or vacation homes. RV’s and mobiles are welcome. Electricity is available to most of the parcels. Lots are apx. 1 acre and very reasonable in price. Excellent winter refuge for RV travelers. Must dig well and install septic, with permits and guidelines from the state.

1606109 Double Homesite!  Lots 16 & 17 unit 4 block 3 are each 1/2 acre.  Owner wants $10,400 for both. Will split.


1702035 Adjoining Half Acres. Owner is asking only $3500 each for homesite lots 42 & 43 unit 17 block 1. 


1709003 Four Lovely Parcels!. Homesite lots 26,27,28 & 29 unit 11 block 14 are for sale by owner at $3800 buys all four. Total of 2 acres.


1709050 Very Affordable Lovely High Desert Property!  Homesite lot 24 unit 21 block 5 is 1/2 acre for $3400


1710066 Excellent RV haven!  Fantastic winter retreat!  Homesite lot 28 unit 8 block 8 is 1/2 acre.  For sale for only $3500.



1801020 Four Lots. Homesite lots 16 & 17 and 28 & 29 in unit 12 block 19 are all for sale by owner for $25,000 buys all.



1804088 Lovely Half Acre. Homesite lot 16 unit 11 block 19 is for sale by owner for $5000. Great for RV's


Tierra Grande

Valencia County, NM

Belen, New Mexico

Just 28 miles south of Albuquerque, with the majestic Monzano Mnts east and Rio Grande River West. Very well established on 69,000 acres with lots ranging from 5 to 45 acres. Many Amenities. There is a reservation casino nearby, lots are reasonably priced. Wonderful climate.



1706042 On Chicha Loop Rd. off Mora Dr. Cul de sac homesite lot 12 unit 1 block 4 is apx. 447' x 732'. Mora Dr. is paved with nice homes, electric easily accessed. Owner asking $7400. 




Otero County, NM

Alamogordo, New Mexico

Population, 40,000, mountain property apx. 50 miles from Alamogordo, off hwy 82. An established 

community with many homes, landing strip, golf courses, school, general store and real estate office. May need two lots to build a septic system. Newest development is the newly paved fourteen miles through the park to the community. Excellent facilities nearby for RV’ers See More at www.timberon.comclick on the photos!



1708037 Fabulous Mountain Retreat!  Excellent roads into this community, airstrip and many more amenities.  Homesite lots 18 & 45 unit 8 block 86 both are .4020 acres each.  Owner asking $10,500 each, a wonderful fully established mountain community with airstrip.

1709072 Large Homesite!  Enjoy this Tranquil mountainside community on this excellent 2.5 acre lot 43 in unit T4, block 49.  Owner is asking $24,500.  Many local activities to enjoy and near any shopping or other entertainment sources.

1711078 All Utilities Available! Homesite lot 112 in unit T14 block 121 is just over 1/2 acre. An ample site for your spacious retirement home.  Enjoy the great neighbors, beautiful panoramic view and Conveniences of this well established community.  Owner is asking $12,5001712042 Wonderful, Mountain Retreat! Very well established, many owner amenities. Owner is selling lot 5 unit 14 block 125 for $11,800. 


1712043 Excellent Road In, Air Strip Too! Many are currently enjoying this wonderful resort community. Owner is selling lot 12 unit 14 block 125 for $9800 
1712048 Beautiful Mountain Homesite. Lot 24 unit 14A block 129 is for sale at only $6800
1802011 Very Lovely Mountain Homesite. Lot 53 unit 12 block 100 is just under 1/2 acre. Owner asking $8800. Good roads in.
1803030 Large Lot, Bargain Buy!  Homesite lot 63 unit 7 block 4 is just over 1 acre, recently cleared.  Owner is asking only $12,500.  CALL 800-593-9348
1804002 LARGE Homesite! Just over 2 and 1/4 acres homesite lot 11 unit 1 block 36 is for sale by owner for $18,000.
1805041 Lovely, Mountain Retreat!  Well developed community with new paved roads. Abundant Wildlife and spectacular, natural landscaping with access to fresh spring water.  Homesite lot 4 unit 9 block 150 is .535 acres in the best area of the community. Owner is

1806064 One and a Quarter Acres. Owner is selling lovely lot 31 unit 5 block 73 asking only $9500. A wonderful mountain community with good roads in and out.


1806068 Just Under One Acre. Lovely homesite lot 15 Unit 2 block 39 is for sale by owner $8800


1806070 Mountainside Retreat!  Well established community has airstrip, school, store, great roads, golfcourses and more.  Owner is selling lot 22 of Unit 12 Re-Plat block 114 (just over 1/4 acre) for $12,500.


1806075 Lovely Mountain Community. Drive in or fly in. Owner is asking ONLY $2400 for golfcourse homesite lot 2 unit 8 block 22 which is .577 acre and homesite lot 12 unit 17 block 186 which is .55 acre.


1807015 Off The Beaten Path. Wonderful mountain community with great road coming in and an airport as well. Homesite lot 16 unit 2 block 49 is just over one acre. Owner asking $4800


1807018 Right at One Acre. Homesite lot 41 unit 10 block 109 is .502 acre subdv. lot. Owner asking $16,800 which is below assessed value.


Town of Columbus

Luna County New Mexico
Deming and Gallup, NM

At the intersection of Interstate Highways 9 and 11. A place of rich and fascinating history, a 24-hour border crossing, a varied and unique geology, a New Mexico State Park, a museum, and a mild winter climate. Columbus is a New Mexican village which attracts tourists, artists, historians, authors, and retirees from all over the U.S. While Columbus is not in the mountains, it has ranges on all four sides. To the east and north of Columbus is the Florida Mountain range; to the west and north is the Tres Hermanas Range; south into Mexico is the Sierra de los Palomas, and to the north is Cooke's Range.

Nothing Available
Tres Piedras Estates

Taos County, New Mexico

Taos, NM

A Lovely, rural location at the crossroads of US 64 and US 285 Highways. A location used more for 

logging and raising cattle as opposed to other areas of the state where mining was the main enterprise. The Sangre de Cristo Mtns. Border to the east. Colorado state line nearby to the north at the San Luis Hills.



 1802032 Your Choice or Both! Homesite lot G Unit 4 blk 93 and homesite lot H unit 2 block 74 are just off highway 64 eight miles west of beautiful Rio Grande River. Electric and phone available.  Each are 1/2 acre and only $4900 each or best offer. 

Valley of Estancia Ranchettes

Torrance County, NM

Moriarity, New Mexico

Just off I-40, six miles east of Moriarity and one hour east of Albuquerque. Las Vegas is 60 miles north. Formed in the 60’s from a 5,000 acre ranch, these one acre lots are priced low and are popular with RV owners. Some have built homes or placed mobilehomes on their lots. The climate is great, a quiet area near lakes and snow skiing. The area is growing.



1702044 Exceptional and Beautiful Area. Homesite lot 1 unit 8 block 5 is for sale at only $5500. 

1801006 Excellent, Beautiful Location! Enjoy terriffic panoramic views, homesite lot 21 unit A block 3 is for sale by owner for only $5900. 


1801063 Lovely Southwest Retreat! Owner is selling homesite lot 6 tract 2 block 2 for only $4900. 


1805080 Water and Sewer Nearby. Lovely homesite lot 10 tract 7A block 8 is for sale at $6500. A very scenic location near all amenities.


1806052 Two Lots!  Homesite lots 18 and 19 in block 8 of unit 14A are side by side parcels totaling 2 acres.  RV's are welcome and you can park several here.  Owner asking new reduced price of only $6500 each.  A fantastic location!